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My aim as your coach supervisor is to provide the space for you to become the best coach you can be.   My intention is that you learn to use your coaching presence in the most helpful way for your clients.  This means trusting yourself, allowing yourself to show vulnerability in sessions and maintain the boundaries of “Ask Not Tell”.     I aim to create an informal supervisory relationship which will help you maintain ethical standards in your contracting and non-judgemental stance with your clients.  I’ll also give you feedback about some of the patterns I notice you falling into with your clients which may limit your coaching impact.  

As a coach supervisor, I am able to model psychologically-based approaches that underpin positive coaching relationships.     My coaching and supervision practice is underpinned by the Schools of Gestalt and Transactional Analysis.  Therefore, when appropriate, I will model Use of Self and Here and Now approaches which are also key components of a powerful coaching relationship.    As a past Programme Director of the Novum (formerly PB Coaching) Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching, I am able to draw on a range of theory from Systems Perspectives, Gestalt, Mindfulness and Bodywork in Coaching.    If you are completing an EMCC accredited course I am able to support you in that process.

I am part of the teaching team for Sheffield Hallam’s Masters in Coaching and Mentoring and regularly supervise Coach Trainees on this course.  I also designed and deliver Leeds Beckett’s ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring providing indivdiual  and group supervision for those trainees too.    With PB Coaching (Novum-UK) I gained my Supervision qualification in 2014, and have been regularly seeing coaching supervisees on a weekly basis since then.   

If you’re close to Leeds then we can meet in my Session Room in LS6, otherwise I am happy to work on-line with you. My supervision charges are very reasonable .    

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a trial supervision with Liz please use the contact page on this website. 


What My Client's Say

My six sessions with Liz were life changing for me. Liz has helped me to deal with some difficult issues and enabled me to think in a completely different way than is natural to me. She enabled me to realise how I was feeling and why and to come up with solutions myself. This has had a hugely positive impact on my working and home life.
Communications Manager, Leeds
The coaching experience itself was new to me so I did not have any set expectations but I would highly recommend it to anyone (and with Liz in particular!) who needs to be reminded about their self-worth and their abilities and how to use them most effectively.
Head of Governance, Higher Education Sector
When I first experienced Liz's coaching, I was blown away. She is not only incredibly skilful and creative in her coaching, but also deeply intuitive in the way that she connects with what is at the heart of the matter. Actually, Liz also trained me as a Post Graduate Level coach trainee and she is a fantastic tutor. She is well-read and takes care to explain unfamiliar concepts and theories. Her facilitation of experiential group earning is well-organised, flexible and encouraging. If you get the chance to work with Liz, you will find it life-changing!
Jennifer McConnell
Coach, Trainer & Facilitator
I have used Liz as a coach over the last few years and will continue to do so. Liz is expert at creating a safe coaching space; her knowledge of psychological approaches and techniques is excellent which gets to the nub of the challenges I bring. Her approach and style have brought me new awareness of unhelpful beliefs I hold that drive my own behaviours, by being aware of these I have been able to initiate change that has meant my performance in many areas of my work has improved.
Associate Director, Innovation Agency, NHS
Liz provided me with outstanding coaching – adopting a very approachable, professional, flexible, friendly and safe space both physically and mentally for the coaching to be conducted. Liz’ style allows her to be a very active listener, which enabled effective reflection. She comfortably and confidently was able to strentch and challenge my thinking and dilemma. She demonstrated a wealth of experience and adopted different techniques to support and challenge my thinking.
Director, Education
Working with Liz has allowed me to be able to step back and adopt a level of objectivity about myself. She has a calming influence and helped me to think a little deeper about my ability to improve myself and my situation; to take control and move forward positively. Liz helped me to explore that taking charge of the things you can control and acknowledging the things you can’t, gives you power
Director, Retail