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Liz Dunphy Coaching
Executive and Career Coach and Trainer


Professional Coaching

Coaching is ideal for all sorts of workplace issues: If you are a professional, and dealing with tricky issues at work that do not have a quick solution, then I can help.


Coaching Supervision

My aim as your coach supervisor is to provide the space for you to become the best coach you can be through learning to use your coaching presence in the most helpful way for your clients.

Coaching Courses

I offer a range of courses from online learning to in-house coaching courses from individual programmes to teams for those looking to develop their coaching or leadership skills.

Liz Dunphy


An accomplished Executive and Career Coach and Trainer

Liz Dunphy has experience in both corporate and public sector organisations (NG Bailey, Fenner Engineering, NHS Trusts and Local Authorities).

As a freelance consultant she specialises in leadership and professional development coaching and training. She also delivers coaching training in organisations.

Many of her client organisations are facing the challenge of maintaining excellence in the context of diminishing resources and have understood the impact that leadership behaviours have on

Pre-session Preparation

This 7 minute audio can be listened to whilst sitting quietly, or with headphones whilst walking to your session. It is intended to help you build your confidence and to feel grounded before your session.

Post-session Reflective Practice

Underpinned by Gibbs Reflective Practice Cycle, this guiding audio will help you review the session as a whole and to look back at key moments. It will prompt you to recognise the strengths you brought in service...

Two audio discounted pack

Get both your pre-session and post-session audios in one great bundle so that you can prepare and reflect on your coaching practice before and after your sessions. Can be used whilst sitting quietly or with headphones.